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Amsit is about making things simpler, more accessible to people with busy lives!

Credited from our experience in the real world.

Never Forget!

Amsit developers have been very busy and are just about to launch a world class reminder website.

It will offer a central place to manage all your reminders. Whether birthdays, review dates, meetings or a call you need to make at a particular time its so easy to use.


Coming soon.....Register interest

Some of the benefits of being a member for only £12.00 per year.

Support Centre

With our online web service you can access this 24/7 once you sign up . It means you can login at any time and submit an issue you may be experiencing on your PC.
A technician will reply via email and if they can resolve by email alone no charge will apply but if further support is required and you have paid your annual subscription of £12.00 you will benefit from our guarantee rate of £15.00 per hour.


You will also benefit from the membership rate for all 1 to 1 training sessions. With our remote technology we can offer training whilst you sit in your own home. Whether it is one of our courses or a list of questions you want answering about your PC, we can help.

Buy Install & Configure

Whether you purchase new software from us or another outlet you can benefit from one of our technicians to install & configure most software products. Just give us a call

Forgot to send Mum flowers on her birthday?

You say : I promise to remember next time !
Now you can stick to your promise and receive free email alerts when events are coming up. Subscribe to the service and enjoy SMS text alerts.