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Remote support is now becoming recognised as a necessary home service.

Support for £15.00 per hour for small business and home users.

How does it work?

  • » You call us or email.
  • » We connect to your pc.
  • » We talk to you on the phone and on a chat window.
  • » We diagnose and solve.
  • » We only charge for results.

No need to worry

You are in control of the session every step of the way and can monitor every click made by the technician. We work with very clever software that is built with customer's protection in mind.


With the customer's permission, a small file is automatically downloaded to the remote PC. It's the interface through which Technicians communicate with Customers and conduct remote support the file automatically removes itself from the remote PC at session conclusion.

The file provides remote Customers with:

  • » Interactive Chat and detailed Session History
  • » Prompts to permit or deny Technician access to all functions
  • » File Transfer to the Technician
  • » Ability to stop Remote Control or disconnect at any time


People always ask what if I have a hardware problem?

If we diagnose that you do have a hardware problem then we will still try to help by offering advice, best ways to resolving the problem ,and ensure you follow your existing warranty terms & conditions if applicable. The important point to be aware of is that you will be amazed on how many issues we can help with and the money you will save.
Maintenance and planning resolves most issues before they occur

Technician Console

The online interface used by support Technicians to conduct remote support sessions. Technicians can initiate new sessions or respond to online customer requests waiting in a shared Queue.

Multiple simultaneous active sessions can be conducted using:

  • » Direct connection to the Customer via PIN code or emailed link
  • » Desktop View and Remote Control, including Whiteboard
  • » Detailed Session History & Notes
  • » Chat Interface with Predefined Replies, URL Push, and File Transfer
  • » Detailed System Diagnostics, including Reboot & Reconnect

Remote pc window with chat window on left

Chat window view