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Online backup starting @ £5.00 a month


We run Backup Professional from Attix5, which provides a secure and automated solution to centralise data while minimising the impact on resources. Automating the traditionally manual tasks associated with daily data backup reduces cost, increases effectiveness and minimises risk.
Attix5 Backup Professional is security certified by RSA. The data is transferred across the internet using 128K SSL security and stored using 448 bit Blowfish encryption. All data is compressed in transit and storage, minimising transfer times and network loads. Byte-level patch incremental backups means only changed parts of files are backed up and not the whole file.

  • • Data stored in an external location - in event of a major loss, web access will allow retrieval of files
  • • No need to purchase backup drives, backup software, backup tapes, tape drive cleaners
  • • Secured storage
  • • 60 day file deletion recovery facility
  • • Desktop and laptop backup - from anywhere with internet access
  • • Laptops can backup from alternative locations
  • • You decide which files to backup, and which to ignore.
  • • You decide what time to backup
  • • User driven restore facility - no need to contact IT staff
  • • ID, password and private key phrase authentication
  • • 30 to 60 days access to earlier backups
  • • Data compression on transmission – reduces time taken
  • • Data encryption on transmission – highly secure
  • • Data encryption on storage

PC Security
Is your home wireless network secure? Really?
We are experienced in securing home networks and can provide a free scan to make sure yours is up to scratch.
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Health Check
1 hour maintenance to restore windows back to normal
Is your PC getting slower and slower? Too many programs installed and don’t know how to delete?
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