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About AntiVirus & Internet Security products

Our latest products for home users give our customers a choice between two top security solutions: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 offers the latest reactive and proactive protections against viruses, and protects against threats from email and Internet traffic. And for users who desire a complete security suite, Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0 combines the antivirus protection of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7.0 with the latest protection against spyware, hackers, and spam.
We also offer a wide range of solutions for corporate clients to protect not only workstations, but also file and email servers, email gateways, and proxy servers. In addition to our security solutions for computers, we also offer protection for handheld devices (PDAs and Smartphones).

Wireless Network Tips

From home networks to business LANs, 802.11b wireless network use has risen dramatically over the last year or so. Prices have plummeted to less than £30 for notebook cards, and to as little as £50 for access points. Physical deployment is simple—in fact, probably too simple. All you have to do is take an access point out of the box, plug it into a wired Ethernet segment, and turn it on. And corporations often plug access points into their networks behind their firewalls, exposing a readily accessible back door!

Businesses and home users are quickly adopting wireless networking—and for good reason. It's cheap, convenient, easy to set up, and provides great mobility. In fact, more than one third of the UK internet population have already installed wireless networks in their homes.

The freedom from tangled cables is persuasive but comes with a price. A wireless network can broadcast far outside your building. With a powerful antenna and some widely available hacking software, anyone sitting near your network—or even driving by—can passively (without alerting the target) scan all the data flowing in your network.

These are called “drive-by-pharming attacks” and are on the increase everywhere that there is broadband.

New IT Developments: New Internet Threats

Viruses, hacker attacks and other cyber threats are now a part of daily life. Malware spreading throughout the Internet, hackers stealing confidential data and mailboxes flooded with spam are the price we pay for computing convenience. Any unprotected computer or network is vulnerable.

All computers need internet security

Home users can lose valuable personal data with one click to the wrong website. Children trading games also exchange viruses unknowingly. You receive an email requesting an update to your payment details, and a hacker gains access to your bank account. A backdoor is installed on your machine, and your PC becomes a zombie, spewing out spam.

Address the risks

It's not just home users who suffer. For businesses of all sizes, the risks are manifold. Crucial data distorted by viruses, financial data misappropriated by cyber criminals, and mountains of spam reducing ROI on human and technological resources.

New technologies - new anti-malware solutions

As cyber threats have evolved, so has software to deflect such threats. Sophisticated antispyware and antivirus solutions capable of detecting the most complex new viruses are now available. New personal firewall programs designed to identify the stealthiest hacker attacks can hide your computer on the Internet. And the latest anti-spam products filter out up to 99% of unsolicited mail, protecting computers from malicious code and saving time and resources.

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