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What is included in a PC Health check?

A quick list of what is included in a Health-Check

  • • Hardware is stable and has no problems
  • • Internal cooling is adequate
  • • Full ‘bug’ check & removal (Virus, Trojan, Spyware – we clean them all!)
  • • All available Microsoft product Patches and updates
  • • Minor tune up (we check the startup files, clear out items not needed)
  • • Cleanup of temporary files throughout the
  • • One to one consultation with a qualified engineer
  • • Recommendations based upon requirements and your PC's capabilities

What is excluded?

The following services and checks are excluded in the Health check:

  • • Remember that a Health-Check is to keep your system healthy, it is NOT a repair service
  • • If the computer will not start or shows other fatal errors, we can not perform a Health Check. If the technician finds any problems they will inform you immediately.
  • • Apple MAC’s, Linux or non-Windows platforms

We would guess that 9 out of 10 computers have been infected with some sort of Virus, Trojan or pop-up software at some point. There are just so many ‘bugs’ around, and if you connect to the internet for anything (not just downloading your emails), you have probably crossed paths with one of these threats, or even become exposed to it.
If you have reliable AntiVirus software behind a working firewall, with all the latest updates on your software, you will be as safe as can be without going to extreme measures.
We can set up your PC or Laptop to stop all known virus threats, and notify you when a new virus has been removed from your system

What is the cost of a Health Check?

We can normally do a Health-Check within 60mins, we will let you know if it is likely to take longer.
Registered members benefit from our £15 per hour rate.
Please call us or submit a request in the Support Centre to book your PC in.

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